Test post with Elementor Page builder.

It has been a while since we had the last site up, and a few things have changed so I’m testing out the posting process so I can write out an informative “How to Post” page. 

It is arguably not quite so intuitive as it could be so an instruction page is a good idea. At the moment when you Register you are by default a “Contributer” which means that your posts need to be approved before you can post. This is purely an anti-spam measure, last time the site was inundated with spambots mostly trying to sell Viagra.  So you will be upgraded so you can post as soon as we know you are real. 

If you are taking a while to get the hang of posting you can  identify yourself as human through the Comment function which is simpler.

To post you need to use either the WordPress built in editor or the Elementor page builder which latter has been the easier option in the past. When you click on the Dashboard that you want to add a post the Elementor option will be presented to you.  If you click on that a bar of widgets will appear on your left. If it doesn’t click on the nine dots above and it will. Drag the text widget to the centre of the page where the box is, and start writing either in the sidebar or on the page itself. There will be annoying Elementor heading, you can change that by going to the Settings gear at the extreme bottom left of the page. There are other widgets beside the text widget, “images” for a start, and you can also use HTML in the sidebar if you run to that.

Now I’m going to hit the green Publish button and hope for the best. All going well I will then  edit the post so it appears under the category “Housekeeping”.

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