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Now I’m posting using the built in editor and not using the Elementor page builder. The built in editor has been improved since I last used it.

I’m thinking at the moment it is the easier option for a newbie and despite being an “administrator” on this site I’m definitely a newbie (help). The only thing that might give you pause is the request for you to type “/” to choose a “block” which is to say a mode of expression. If you are just going to type stuff you can ignore that as “paragraph” ie text is the default setting. Otherwise it seems pretty intuitive. A sidebar appears on the right which first shows such things as Category (as in “Housekeeping” for this post) when it is set to “post” and then such things as type size when it is set to “block”.

Either with the pagebuilder or the built in editor there is much much more fancy stuff you can do but I’m just looking at basics here. People who can do the fancy stuff don’t need my advice!

Ok now I’ll hit publish and if all goes well I will recommend that new users will find the built in editor easier. I’ve also just now discovered that is you hit “Shift” together with “Enter” when you start a new paragraph the editor will assume you are continuing with the same settings. (Otherwise it will ask each paragraph if you want to choose another block and you will have to reset type size )

Oh well, I will hit Publish now.

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When you do a “new” post or page, the built in editor “blocks” is what operates unless you hit “Edit with Elementor”.

My opinion is that we should get used to using blocks but either option is presently available. Once a page has been edited either way you are asking for trouble if you then try to edit it with the other. Clashes occur. And I think blocks is the way of the future. The page description when you hit All Pages or All Posts in the dashboard will tell you if Elementor has been used.

An apparent bug has occurred btw with an “Editor” not being able to post. As yet don’t know how general this problem is but if it is general will fix it.

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